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Neck Deep // Over And Over (x)
"Do me a favor and get in my bed and cuddle me all night."
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this is actually perfect

More quotes about life here
"Do not kiss her forehead
if you are only going to leave
the stain of your poisonous words
in her mind and do not hold her hand
if you are only going to make her carry
all of the broken promises with her and
do not tell her you miss her when you
are only thinking about someone else
to kiss and do not tell her that she
is perfect the way she is if you are
only going to leave her laced in scars
and do not ever tell her you love her
just because you like the taste of the
words on your tongue."
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Ever seance that night. It is hard to fall asleep without you next to me

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So cheezin man @gthatsnarly